Ever fancied driving a single-seater on the road? Of course you have! Well now you can with this fully road legal Lola which has cropped up for sale at auction.


It was apparently built as the result of a bet between some engineers at Lola to see if it was possible to build an F1-like car that could be used on the road.

The creation took 15 years to design and build and is based on an unspecified chassis from 1996 (answers on a postcard). It’s a fully functioning road car though with such luxuries as a handbrake and lights, and the wings double up as bumpers. Those wings are fully adjustable too, so if you need to trim out the rear wing for a motorway journey or add more front wing for a B-road blast, then you can!


It’s powered by a turbocharged 2.0-litre Cosworth engine which puts out around 370bhp in standard trim, with more available by increasing the boost pressure. Ok, so that’s not quite F1 levels of power, but it’s probably still faster than the 1997 Mastercard Lola.

Sale page here.

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There will be no German Grand Prix on the calendar next year according to Georg Seiler, the boss of the Hockenheim circuit.

Apparently negotiations fell through and an agreement with Bernie couldn’t be made. Speaking to German magazine AutoBild, Seiler said: “There was no offer that would have excluded all economic risks” – or in other words, ‘we can’t afford Bernie’s extortionate prices’.

The news will hardly be a surprise to F1 fans, as comments made by Bernie earlier this month made it clear that the race was under severe threat. This will mark the second time in three years that there will be no race in Germany on the calendar as the planned deal to alternate races between Hockenheim and the Nurburgring seems to have come to an end.

This means that there will ‘only’ be 20 races on the 2017 calendar, which is good news for the teams at least. It remains to be seen whether the race will return for 2018 – maybe with Malaysia and Singapore wanting to drop their races it’ll have a better chance in the future. We hope so, because F1 needs a race in Germany.

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Lewis Hamilton has taken first blood in the duel in the desert against team mate Nico Rosberg, out-pacing the German by 0.374 seconds while Max Verstappen finished in third. Rosberg set the pace early in the session as both Mercedes drivers opted to run the ultra-soft tyre at the beginning of the session with a […]

While it seemed to take ages for ‘The Grand Tour’ to be released the same can’t be said about this new mod for Assetto Corsa. Someone has already created the Eboladrome test track from Clarkson, Hammond and May’s new show in popular sim racer Assetto Corsa.

The circuit looks way, way, way too dangerous for Formula 1 cars, so you’re just going to have to enjoy this onboard lap from the game instead.

You can download the mod here.

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For the second time in three years, Mercedes teammates Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg will take their battle for the Formula 1 World Championship title to the season finale in Abu Dhabi. Thanks to three successive wins in the United States, Mexico and Brazil, Hamilton has trimmed the 33-point deficit to Rosberg down to just 12 […]
While much of the focus at this weekend’s season-ending Abu Dhabi Grand Prix will be directed to the battle for championship honours between Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton, two of Formula 1’s stalwarts will be hanging up the keys on Sunday night. The Yas Marina Circuit had something of an ‘end of term’ feel to it […]

With bigger wings and wider tyres, next year’s F1 cars are definitely going to look a whole lot cooler. The major changes are detailed in this video with Mercedes Engineering Director Aldo Costa, who says that next years cars will be around three to four seconds a lap faster than they are at the moment.

Most of the lap records on the F1 calendar were set by cars from 2004 and 2005 – a time when there was a tyre war, and when the cars had massive amounts of aero and powerful V10 engines. At some tracks the current generation of F1 cars are already getting close to some of those lap times (in qualifying at least), mainly because of the massive acceleration and speed given by the current hybrid power units.

That means that next year some of those lap records could come under serious threat, which would make the 2017 cars the fastest of all time. Now that’s something to be excited about – let’s just hope it can help make the racing better as well!

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